Internet of Things

  • Indoor activity tracking
  • Track movements for any violations
  • Upload data via Mobile App
  • Evidence retention

  • Coronavirus quarantined person is required to register multiple photos of his face & home in the mobile app
  • He can be verified later if he is at home using AI algorithm that can recognition his home
  • An automated video call can be made to verify his identify & location anytime

Mobile app keep records of your location & assist in contact tracing in case you come close to a person who is later detected to have #coronavirus

BioEnable design & develop wide range of sensors for custom projects. Here are some of our past work.

BioEnable offer next generation IOT solutions based on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Real Time Sensor data collection, analysis & alerts
  • Highly scalable & Secure
  • Customizable for many applications
  • Rapid solution development & deployment

Parking occupancy sensor is an electronic device installed in parking space (indoor/outdoor) to automatically detect if the parking is occupied or available.

  • Wireless communication options Lora/WiFi/GSM
  • Indoor & Outdoor models available

Smart bin sensor is an electronic device installed inside a public garbage bin to automatically generate alerts when the bin is full.

  • Detects fill level of garbage bins
  • Automatically alerts cleaning/clearance staff
  • Wireless communication options WiFi/GSM/Lora
  • Long battery life of 2-10 yrs

Add Mobile App based Access capability to your existing Door Access Control & Time attendance System.

  • Mobile app can replace your ID card
  • Mobile App relay your ID to the Mobile Access Reader connected to the access control system.
  • Mobile Access Reader use Wiegand communication to talk to legacy access control systems
  • Compatible with most access control systems with wiegand capabilities

Gas Sensors detects harmful gases present in atmosphere and concentration of each gas is displayed on screens , Web Apps and Mobile Apps.

  • Detects gases and alerts
  • Wireless communication options WiFi/GSM/Lora
  • Easy Installation at Public areas and suitable for all climates

Air Quality Sensors and Devices detects level of dust pollution at Public and Indoor areas and displays on large display systems, on Web Apps and also on Mobile Apps

  • Detects dust pollution and alerts
  • Wireless communication options WiFi/GSM/Lora
  • Indoor & Outdoor models available

E Price Display device displays prices and related information of products automatically when it get updates from server

Weather Station displays information regarding wind,rain,temperature and humidity

  • Wind Speed, Direction
  • Rain Gauge with auto draining
  • Temperature, Humidity & Pressure
  • Ambient light, UV index
  • Sound levels
  • Wireless transmission