Parking Occupancy Sensor

Parking occupancy sensor is an electronic device installed in parking space (indoor/outdoor) to automatically detect if the parking is occupied or not.

  • Real-time occupancy status notification.
  • Completely wireless communication.
  • Compatible with Lora/WiFi/GSM networks.
  • Indoor & Outdoor models available
  • Weather proof casing.
  • Low maintenance, long life battery.

In-Ground Parking Occupancy Sensor

Ceiling Mount Parking Occupancy Sensor

Parking Space Management Portal

  • Sensor directly communicates with the cloud based parking space management portal through wireless technology.
  • Smart parking space management portal gives access to real time parking space status of the location through web interface.
  • Along with the availability and location it also displays the type of vehicle parking can accommodated.
  • Sensor also helps system identify vehicle's parking duration.

Smart Parking Space Status App

  • Smart parking space mobile app gives users an easy access to the parking availability status at their desired location.
  • App provides information on type of vehicle available parking can accommodate.
  • App assist users with navigation to the available parking.

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