Mobile Access Reader

Mobile Access Control

Mobile access using a smartphone to identify a person and allowing that person access to an entrance is a new and popular concept that is supported by a growing number of products and technology platforms. In a way mobile access is a technology shift in the security industry and any other industry in which people need to be identified to allow them access to services.

Key Benefits:

  • No need to distribute physical cards.
  • No additional cost on creating and sharing number of virtual cards on mobile devices.
  • Easy set-up as only Mobile Access Reader needs to be installed.
  • Secure due to use of encrypted communication between mobile, access control reader and server.
  • Most mobile access control platforms use Bluetooth to make the phone communicate with a reader which is situated next to the door.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enables devices to communicate without the need of manual pairing
  • Bluetooth supports several feet of communication which offers sufficient bandwidth to set up a connection.
  • In addition to Bluetooth Near Field Communication (NFC) also being used which supports smooth communication between a reader and a smartphone. However short range of communication is a challenge.

Access Control Architecture