Coronavirus wristband for tracking

Coronavirus wristband for tracking home quarantine person

Track Covid-19 patients with bluetooth wristband

  • Indoor activity tracking
  • Tracks movement & physical activity for any violations
  • Uploads data via Mobile App
  • Evidence retention
  • Records physical activity of the persons like sleeping, walking, running, driving
  • Wristband size
  • Send data via Mobile App every 2-3 hrs
  • 7-20 days of battery life
  • Secure lock to prevent person from removing the band

Physical activity of the body data is analyzed using AI algorithm to check if the person is following quarantine rules

  • Outdoor movements can be detected
  • Travelling in a vehicle can be detected
  • Sleep & indoor movements can be detected

What do we offer ?

  • Development & integration of wristband with Mobile Apps
  • Assist in selecting & using existing wristbands
  • Custom security features

Wristband QR code based secure wristband

  • The wristband has unique number & QR code
  • Mobile App scan the QR code & register it with patient details
  • Activate app after reaching home quarantine
  • Patient is required to take his selfie with the QR code band every 2-4 hours & upload in the app
  • This is used in HongKong

Standard medical band with QR code

We recommend using this band by default for all patients

This band is used in many hospitals to keep record of ID of each patient

This is used in many countries worldwide

Wristband locking technology

  • A pin type magnetic locking technology is used to secure the wristband
  • The lock can be opened with a high grade magnetic unlocking tool, not so easily available in retail
  • Lock is very small in size

GPS Tracker

  • 2G/3G GPS tracking devices for use with suitable wristband
  • 3-4 days battery life
  • Can be recharged while sleeping without removing the band
  • Require SIM card with data
  • Web based tracking on Google Maps

Wristband design with metallic lock

Custom wristbands can be developed with metal bands and locks

  • Coronavirus quarantined person is required to register multiple photos of his face & home in the mobile app
  • He can be verified later if he is at home using AI algorithm that can recognition his home
  • An automated video call can be made to verify his identify & location anytime