Gas Sensors

BioEnable's Gas Sensor

Unlike Gas Sensors are being used across the industries to detect harmful gases presented in the surroundings.

  • Detects gases concentration in the atmosphere.
  • Some of the gases sensor detects are CO, CO2 , O2 and O3
  • Wireless communication compatibility with WiFi/GSM/Lora networks.
  • Easy to Install at Public places
  • Weatherproof housing.

Cloud Based Web Application for Real-time Status

  • Location of installed sensors can be mapped with application.
  • Application receives real-time data from sensors.
  • Updated status can be monitor remotely through web interface.
  • Concentration of gases such as CO, CO2 , O2 and O3 of any particular location can be viewed through web.
  • Alerts generated on exceeding threshold pollution level.

Mobile Application for Status of Gas

  • Status of various gases concentration can be monitored through mobile application.
  • Application receives real-time data from server directly.

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