Smart Parking Solution

Smart Parking Solution

BioEnable's Smart Parking Solution is not just another off the shelf parking guidance system but an advanced, customizable and integrated parking management system. BioEnable's Parking management system is a blend of Parking Occupancy, Parking Guidance, Smart Ticketing and Analytical Reports which empower our customers with efficiency and complete control on their infrastructure and revenue.

Turn your parking space into a smart parking facility with maximized revenue and customer satisfaction by implementing cutting edge technology driven parking occupancy sensors and state of the art, user friendly and highly customizable web & mobile application along with integration with other systems.

Get your Parking Lot Equipped With Our Next Generation Parking Occupancy Sensors

Parking Solution for both Outdoor and Indoor parking lots

Real-time occupancy status notification Completely wireless communication.

Compatible with LoRa/WiFi/GSM networks Indoor & Outdoor models available

Weather proof IP66 housing Low maintenance, long life battery.

Battery life 3 years Provision for external power supply and Solar

Manage Your Infrastructure Centrally

On one hand sensors share occupancy status of each parking space in real time with the central server which gives users an accurate status of available parkings in real time through user application which results into increased traction. On the other hand Management Dashboard empowers parking facilities with by providing statistical insights of their resource to make ROI based business decisions.

Automated system eliminates human errors and negligence which results into profit maximization.

Smart Parking Management System collaborate data from multiple data source like parking sensor, automated parking ticket machine, RFID systems, etc and analyze the data and represent business critical data into actionable fine data.

Highly secure and remotely accessible cloud based platform offers flexibility for users as well as management.

Other than availability status application also gives user information about the type of vehicle parking can accommodate. i.e. Sedan, Hatchback.

BioEnable's Smart Parking Management Application can integrate with third party systems to offer wide array of applications.

Indoor Parking Guidance

Integrated Indoor Parking management not only gives the number of available parkings but also assist users to the nearest available parking space. It also eradicates the events of missing out parking spaces by the ground staff.

Smart indoor parking management system enables parking facilities to offer easy, fast and automated parking experience to their users.

BioEnable offers two types of sensors (Ceiling Mount and In-ground) for indoor application.

Outdoor parking Guidance

Outdoor parking guidance system assist users to get available parking space in a quick and hassle free way through electronic signage board and user app both in real-time.

High speed central server constantly process the data collected through various sensors.

The user app assist the users in locating the nearest available space.

Automated Ticket / Permit Management System

A fully integrated system with minimal supervision required. Using automated ticket terminal integrated with automatic entry/exit system users can pay directly for the required duration. Entry/exit gates open/close upon completion of the transactions.

Automated ticketing system helps in preventing any potential fraud.

Can manage more users as the system is much faster than conventional and outdated parking guidance system .

Easy to generate collection report on daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Stop free entry for permit holders using RFID.

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