Smart Bin Sensor

Smart Bin Sensor Features

Smart bin sensor is an electronic device based on ultrasonic technology installed in public garbage bins to automatically sense the fill level and generate alerts based on bin's fill level.

  • Automatically detects fill level of garbage bins.
  • Use wireless technology for communication.
  • Easy to install and calibrate.
  • Tilt, temperature or location sensing
  • Easy log interval customization.
  • Operating Temperature : -20’c to +80’c
  • Compatible with WiFi/GSM/Lora network for Wireless communication.
  • Long battery life of 2-10 years
  • Weather proof casing (IP66).

Cloud Based Smart Bin Web Application

  • Smart Bin sensor integrates with a cloud based web application.
  • Smart bin sensor sends fill level logs to the server in real-time.
  • Web application generates alerts based on sensor generated real-time data.
  • Alert Messages are sent to cleaning staffs when bin level reaches specified threshold level.
  • Real time battery status.

Mobile App Displaying Bin Garbage Level Status

  • Sensor generated data can be access directly through Smart bin mobile application.
  • Real-time log access to ground staff.
  • Open data accessible to citizens through app.
  • Citizen's feedback, request can also get validated through sensor generated logs for better services.

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