Electronic Price Display System

Why Electronic Shelf Label

  • Electronic display has more features and benefits than paper tags.
  • Less manual work due to automation.
  • Make intelligent use of your sales data.
  • Interact with your customers to increase your sales
  • Sell more products per sqft of shelf space.
  • Identify slow moving stocks, offer dynamic pricing to check consumer behavior
  • BioEnable Price Displays consist of OLED based display screen of different size and configurations.
  • Latest OLEDs offer high contrast , low power consumption and monochrome graphical options
  • Available as Modular wired as well as Wireless options
  • Wireless displays offer long battery life with 433Mhz or 865Mhz options
  • Modular wired solution offer lowest cost and highest reliability
  • 1.5 inch to 4 inch size options
  • Graphical LED display, can show icons and diagrams
  • Display contents can be changed remotely through Web Application.
  • Enable better customer experience by offering real-time discounts.
  • Super markets can offer dynamic pricing frequently based on inventory.
  • Offers product information customization .
  • Pricing in real time to stay competitive with competitors.

Rack Based Shelf Label

  • Each supermarket rack consist of 4-5 shelves on each side stocking up to 50 different items
  • An IOT controller is an intelligent 2G/3G/4G/WiFi connected directly to the cloud IOT platform
  • Each shelf has a modular strip to insert electronic shelf label.
  • Wired OLED displays can be inserted in each strip
  • The Displays are completely locked to prevent potential theft.
  • Gateway device is wired with all LEDs and also supply power to them.
  • Gateway device can be battery based or can be on continuous mains power
  • Gateway device can connect to a battery (like Sealed Lead Acid Battery) on the shelf , extending its life to over 1year

Add on Sensors and Accessory for Better Customer Experience

Small speaker mounted on rack enables you to play music or make small announcements specific to customers near the rack only.

Rack mounted PIR sensors can detect customer movements around the rack. Number of events shows duration customer spend in front of the rack or even a particular location on the rack.

IR sensor detects customer hand movements on the rack identifying which shelf or part of the shelf is being accessed by the customers. Such events help in identifying which product customer may be picking and possibly change price of an related product nearby to make an offer

Why BioEnable Technologies

  • Cost effective than most International solutions for same size of display
  • Theft prevention provision of Price Displays.
  • No cost of battery replacement.
  • Support more sensors and customization options
  • Lower entry cost, Can start with just few rack and expand unlimited.
  • Easily affordable for small stores.
  • Compatible with third party IOT platform
  • No custom wireless technologies.
  • Shorter RIO timeline.

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